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Monitoring Oracle WaitEvents with Python
By: Date: October 15, 2016 Categories: Oracle,Oracle monitoring,Oracle WaitEvents,Python

In this post I will present a script called WaitCheck which you can use to monitor wait events in an Oracle database. You can find and download it from my GitHub Page here: The script was written in python and uses the cx_Oracle Python module which you can download here: The following two historical views are…

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Oracle Single sign-on with Kerberos – pitfalls
By: Date: August 20, 2016 Categories: Kerberos,Kerberos Keytab,Kerberos Ticket,ktutil,ORA-17627,ORA-17629,Oracle,Oracle Single sign-on

Recently I was in charge of implementing the single-sign-on feature of Oracle using Kerberos at my workplace. With this post I would like to pinpoint some pitfalls and how to avoid them when setting up and troubleshooting Oracle Kerberos. I do not aim to provide a complete guide on the topic as there are already many…

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Installing Oracle Database Client 12c and PSU automated
By: Date: July 2, 2016 Categories: emocmrsp,Oracle,Oracle Client,Oracle client Install Script

Installing an Oracle Client on a Linux host is a rather easy and straightforward task but when you have to do this on a lot of hosts with different Linux distributions you probably will think about how to automate the process and not use the GUI at all. A simple script for installing an Oracle 12c…

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Externally authenticated users and expiry_date in Oracle 11g and 12c
By: Date: June 12, 2016 Categories: dba_users,expiry_date,Kerberos,Oracle

Lately I was responsible for implementing Kerberos authentication at the company where I work. During the planning I have discovered some differences and features which are not well documented regarding external authentication in Oracle. This blog post will discuss the issue with password expiration for externally authenticated users in Oracle 11g and 12c. When we change a…

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