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SQL Server Failed logins: TLS Handshake issues
By: Date: January 20, 2020 Categories: connectivity_ring_buffer_recorded,extended events,SQL Server,TLS Handshake

In most cases information about failed logins can be found in the errorlog of SQL Server. However, if your SQL Server is working with TLS then if the login fails with a handshake error, you will not find this failed login attempt in the errorlog of SQL Server. You can find these types of login…

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Login timeouts in SQL Server due to delayed SSPI handshakes
By: Date: March 10, 2019 Categories: extended events,procmon,SQL Server,wait_info_external

Rarely occurring login issues in SQL Server are hard to explain when there is no significant load on the Instance or its host. A good idea for troubleshooting is using extended events, symbol files and the sysinternals tool, procmon. For some applications it is crucial to have a login timeout of less than 5 seconds….

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